The Best Cheeses, In Order (PHOTOS)

07/02/2013 09:09 am ET

Let's get something out of the way right this second: there is no bad cheese. All cheese is good cheese. "But," you're probably sighing exasperatedly, "aren't American cheese, Velveeta and Cheez Whiz bad cheese?" No. Because they are not cheese. And also, they are not always bad.

Clearly, if we wanted to produce a comprehensive list of every single cheese under the sun, ranked from worst to best, it would take our entire lives to compile (we love small cheese-makers, but there are just too many). We promise to do our part as our lives continue to eat every single one, for science. Until then, we're just going to stick to some of the most popular cheese-making styles. You might not agree with this list. And you should absolutely tell us why in the comments. For cheese. And for science.

Without any further waffling (mmm, cheese waffles) we present the best cheeses, from slightly less than best to best.

Honorable Mention: Limburger (because it is as close to a bad cheese as you can get) limburger

20. Jack monterey jack

19. Swiss swiss cheese

18. Provolone provolone

17. Cotija cotija

16. Pecorino pecorino

15. Blue blue cheese

14. Brie brie

13. Manchego manchego

12. Gruyere gruyere

11. Camembert camembert

10. Halloumi halloumi

9. Parmesan parmesan

8. Chevre goat cheese

7. Muenster muenster cheese

6. Ricotta ricotta

5. Mozzarella mozzarella

4. Feta feta

3. Gouda gouda

2. Burrata burrata

1. Cheddar aged cheddar

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