Take note, viewing the collection of highlights below could lead to raised heart rate, nostalgia, tears and in some cases uncontrollable chanting of "U-S-A." Of course, if you're an Algerian soccer fan or were a major booster of the Soviet hockey team then a few of these highlights could bring back unpleasant memories.

While sports can sometimes make the diferences between Boston and New York seem unreconcilable and the feelings between Tuscaloosa and Auburn seem harder than George Washington's wooden teeth, there have also been more than a few moments when the success of a team playing in a USA jersey or an individual athlete standing in for his countrymen has managed to lift spirits from Seattle to Miami and bond fans from Austin to Boston.

Whether it is a quadrennial international competition like the Olympics or the World Cup, a boxing match during the prelude to war or a sporting event that comes along to lift our spirits after a national tragedy, these highlights below have brought Americans together more than most over the years.

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  • Donovan Scores In The 91st Minute (2010)

  • Joe Louis Defeats Max Schelling (1938)

  • Boston Bruins National Anthem After Bombing (2013)

  • Kerri Strung Lands With Injured Ankle (1996 Olympics)

  • President Bush Throws Out First Pitch After 9/11 (2001)

  • Jesse Owens Wins 4th Gold Medal (1936 Olympics)

  • USA Defeats Soviet Union On Ice (1980)

  • Brandi Chastain Wins Women's World Cup (1999)

  • The Dream Team Wins Gold (1992 Olympics)

  • Rick Monday's Greatest Play (1976)

  • Muhammad Ali Lights Olympic Flame (1996)

  • Americans Rally To Win The Ryder Cup (1999)

  • Greg Louganis Wins Gold After Injury (1988 Olympics)

  • USA Upsets England In World Cup (1950)

  • Piazza Home Run After 9/11 (2001)