Let's be frank: Work is the last thing on all of our minds this holiday weekend. But, if you're like us and have taken this rare opportunity to relax, we've got some light and easy projects that are much less rigorous than our typical batch of weekend DIY ideas. You know, just in case you get an itch to tackle a project around the house. In fact, our roundup of seven DIYs can all be accomplished in under one hour. But remember: no pressure!

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  • Hang Outdoor Lights

    Not only are these easy to install, but ambient lighting is a great way to set the perfect mood for an outdoor party. The key to getting the lights to stay up? Screw-in or heavy-duty adhesive hooks. Just drape lights between hooks, making sure that the end plug is near an electrical source. For more details, head over to <a href="http://www.ask.com/explore/how-hang-string-lighting-outdoor-party" target="_blank">Ask.com</a>.

  • Create An Accent Wall

    Whether you want to highlight a specific design feature (think: a salon wall) or just want to add bold color to your home without a huge commitment, an accent wall adds a unique, dramatic design element. Choose one color, or pick a fun pattern, like polka dots or an ombre design.

  • Polish Your Front Door Hardware

    Between constant use and exposure to moisture, brass doorknobs can begin to lose their shine. To spruce up your front door, you can polish them regularly with a few simple steps. A few different materials will work (brass cleaner, ammonia or natural products), so once you choose your preference, you can begin. Make sure you use painter's tape to protect the rest of your door from the polishing agents. For detailed instructions, head over to <a href="http://www.doityourself.com/stry/how-to-keep-brass-door-knobs-shiny#b" target="_blank">Do It Yourself</a>.

  • Clean Your Patio Furniture Cushions

    Clean those patio cushions -- the right way! DIY Network has a clever concoction that works specifically for outdoor fabric. After leaving the cushions in this solution for 15 minutes, simply let them dry. For a more in-depth step-by-step guide, <a href="http://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/how-to-clean-patio-furniture-cushions-and-canvas/index.html" target="_blank">head over to their tutorial</a>.

  • Update Your Window Treatment

    Sheer panels can often put the focus on an outdated curtain rod (read: those inexpensive white rods with built-in brackets). Luckily, curtain rods are affordable and easy to swap out, requiring little more than removing/adding screws.

  • Remulch Your Garden

    Adding some fresh mulch to your garden will help prepare and protect plants. Choose the right type of mulch (straw, leaf or pine needles) depending on the type of plants you have, and then get to work before it starts to get too cold. To learn what type of mulch to use and how to properly apply each, visit <a href="http://www.weekendgardener.net/garden-plants/mulch-060806.htm" target="_blank">Weekend Gardener</a>.

  • Change Your Light Fixtures

    Nothing makes a room look more dated than an old fixture, and swapping it out for a new model is usually quite easy. Make sure to turn off the circuit breaker before unscrewing and exposing any wiring. Then note which wires are twisted together and replicate this configuration with the new addition. Lastly, screw your new hardware into the ceiling. For detailed instructions, head to <a href="http://www.lowes.com/cd_How+to+Change+a+Light+Fixture_279093251_" target="_blank">Lowes</a>.

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