Why Are These Stock Photo Models So Angry? (PHOTOS)

07/08/2013 11:39 am ET

These stock photo models are super angry, but why?

Soup of the day was gazpacho angry

Got an IM that just says "hey" angry

Doesn't understand what an emoji of a lobster has to do with anything angry

Hates wearing this hat angry

Misses Google Reader angry

Just watched a disappointing cat video angry

Went to pet a puppy but it was just someone's furry sweater on the floor angry

Hates your poetry angry

Realized vertical stripes are unflattering angry

Didn't want a bag angry

Isn't going to watch your Vine angry

Doesn't want to give you his last piece of gum angry

"Opening a gym for dogs was MY idea" angry

Pen quit working, then was working fine, then completely stopped working angry

Just ate a raisin angry stock photos

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