07/08/2013 09:44 am ET | Updated Jul 09, 2013

Miso The Dog Needs To Know That Sleeping Baby Isabella Is Warm And Cozy (VIDEO)

Dogs aren't just man's best friends -- they're also excellent caretakers. Ten-week-old Isabella fell asleep on top of her blanket, but her grandma's dog Miso would have none of that. In the adorable video above, Miso does everything possible to make sure the little girl is comfy.

The video was taken two years ago, but Isabella's grandmother, Debra Shahlaie, says the toddler and dog are still best friends. "We FaceTime with Bella almost daily and the first thing she asks is 'Where's Miso?' Although it sounds more like she calls her 'Mio,'" Shahlaie told HuffPost via email.


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