As The Royal Due Date Nears, A Look Back At Everything Kate's Worn While Pregnant (PHOTOS)

07/08/2013 03:53 pm ET | Updated Jul 09, 2013

As Kate Middleton's due date quickly approaches, everyone is buzzing about baby names, titles, gifts and other post-birth goodies. But we're actually getting a little nostalgic -- once this baby is born, the era of Kate Middleton's Maternity Fashion will be over. (Until she's pregnant with a "spare"...)

So as we barrel towards the much-anticipated birth, let's pause to reminisce about these past seven months and everything Kate has worn. From the good (the robin's egg Mulberry coat!) to the not-so-good (we weren't feeling that red Armani number...), here are Catherine's 10 most memorable maternity outfits:

The very first outfit! And so the Bump Watch begins...

royal due date

Maternity wear means... shorter hemlines? Sure, we're on board.

royal due date

Wore it last year with a belt... and this year without. Looks just as good sans cincher.

royal due date

Nothing screams British (er, Scottish?) royalty like a good tartan dress. And she even played hockey in it!

royal due date

Being pregnant doesn't mean ditching your skinnies. We're copying this off-duty look next time we head out into a snowstorm.

royal due date

All hail the Queen of High Street: This dress was from Topshop, and Kate wore it twice in a matter of weeks.

royal due date

Pretty as a peach... and showing off those legs again.

kate middleton due date

This mint Mulberry coat made Kate look like an Easter egg in all the best ways.

kate middleton mulberry coat

There's no way not to smile when looking at this yellow Emilia Wickstead coat. It is sunshine captured in a garment.

kate middleton due date

Two words: Animal print.

royal due date

RIP, Kate's maternity wardrobe. We'll miss you.

Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Style

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