Toilet Paper Art: Anastassia Elias Carves Detailed Scenes Into Tubes (PHOTOS)

07/08/2013 05:49 pm ET
Anastassia Elias

Most people usually discard toilet paper rolls after the last sheet is used. Apparently, painter Anastassia Elias did not get the memo.

Equipped with a scalpel, rather than her usual brush and palette, Elias carved miniature intricate scenes inside empty toilet paper tubes. She titled her series, “Rouleaux,” and published the results in a book under the same name.

Elias also sculpted dancing ballerinas, cirque performers, and a Mexican mariachi band into her cardboard canvases, not to mention a menagerie of animals.

Take a look at the slideshow below to see more of her amazing cardboard cutouts.

Anastassia Elias "Rouleaux"
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