Egypt Protest Testimonies: What Cairo's Citizens Have To Say About Morsi's Ouster (INFOGRAPHIC)

07/10/2013 04:57 pm ET | Updated Jul 10, 2013

Last week, millions of Egyptians took to the streets of Cairo to both celebrate and condemn the overthrow of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi. While many filled Tahrir Square overjoyed at the army's takeover, supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood denounced the move as an anti-democratic "coup."

But who are the people that filled the streets of the Egyptian capital? Who do they support and what do they believe in? Gurvan Kristanadjaja and Benoit Le Corre talked to protesters in Cairo's landmark Tahrir Square and asked them how they feel about Egypt's future.


These profiles of protesters in Tahrir are categorized according to their age, sex and religion, as well as their votes during the last presidential election, the first time they protested and whether or not they signed the tamarod-petition asking for Morsi's resignation.

You can select a category of profiles by using the tabs at the top of the infographic. Clicking on each profile will reveal a protester's full quote. The statements shouldn’t be considered as statistics, but rather demonstrate the diversity of opinions and motivations within Egypt.

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