Sometimes you've just gotta dance with that nice lady in front of your cab and bring a little more joy into the world.

Make these two goodwill ambassadors, STAT!

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  • Budweiser King

    The other two refs are discussing whether or not to tell him.

  • Bikini Body

    Your morning commute just got a LOT more distracting.

  • Eagle Carrying Dog

    Teaching your dog to "roll over" has never been more entertaining.

  • Obama Wizard

    What does he see? Four more years?

  • Olympic Glasses

    The summer Olympics come around once every four years, but <a href="">this only happens</a> once in a lifetime.

  • Building Impalement

    Let's hope there's a trampoline under her.

  • Shooting Hoops

    He got that statue for being such a good basketball player

  • Catbercrombie

    He's been cutting way back on the Fancy Feast, and it shows.

  • Becoming A Geisha

    This is one "missed connection" that's going to be pretty hard to track down.

  • Lightning Strikes

    EIther that or she just had a REALLY good idea.

  • Michelle's New Hat?

    Not to mention, if Barack leaned over any further we're pretty sure he'd have an afro.

  • Walking On Water

    Kid gets a diving board, next thing you know he thinks he's Jesus Christ.

  • Moon Landing

    Neil who? Buzz who?

  • Meow Mix

    Looks like someone alrady found his Halloween costume.

  • Blow Your Horn

    This must have been how they got the sun to come out back in the old days.

  • The Old Yawn-And-Stretch

    Come on, cat. That's the oldest trick in the book.

  • Bubble Eyes

    So much cuter than regular glasses.

  • Heart Cats

    "Oh, did you need something? We're just being mind-bogglingly cute."

  • Who's Calling?

    What an eavesdropper.

  • Catching The Moon

    We're assuming Scorsese could get the moon to move if he needed to.

  • Magic Cat

    This cat must have been one of the first <a href="">horsemaning</a> pioneers.

  • Catch A Plane

    It's somehow both serene and terrifying at the same time.

  • Shadow Bird

    Why stand when you can fly?

  • Plane On A Wire

    That is the weirdest looking bird we've ever seen.

  • Jet-Powered Eagle?

    Evolution is getting REALLY interesting these days.