Beyoncé's Naked Flaunt Cover: Singer Paints Body In Nothing But Glitter (PHOTO)

07/10/2013 10:12 am ET

All that glitters might not be gold...but is definitely Beyoncé! And the megastar proves it by covering her naked body in nothing but glitter for the cover of Flaunt magazine's July issue.


The blinged out "Grown Woman" singer has posed for some steamy magazine covers, but this one takes the cake. We know the 31-year-old has an affinity for sexy sparkly attire (see: "nipple-baring" sculpted gold bodysuit), so this look, or lackthereof, is definitely on par with her dazzling personal style.

And if Mrs. Carter's Flaunt cover looks familiar it's because the Tony Duran snapped image -- along with all the photos from the editorial -- were reportedly featured in Beyoncé's "Year of 4" documentary, which debuted back in 2011. It's unclear why Flaunt is using the photos now, but it simply gives us another opportunity to swoon over Bey's fabulous figure.

In the issue, Mrs. Carter opens up about being a gay icon, where she'd like to make out with Jay-Z, and the one piece of clothing she can't live without, amongst a list of other random topics.

Check out Beyoncé's sexy cover below and click here to read the full interview.

beyonce naked flaunt cover

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