07/02/2013 10:59 am ET | Updated Jul 10, 2013

George Zimmerman Trial Live Updates

The Huffington Post will be following the George Zimmerman trial and providing minute-by-minute updates of the proceedings in the Trayvon Martin case.

Zimmerman, a 28-year-old neighborhood watch volunteer, was charged with second-degree murder for fatally shooting Martin, and could face life in prison if convicted. Martin, 17, was headed back to the home of his father's fiancée shortly after 6 p.m. on Feb. 26 returning from a trip to the convenience store. After an apparent confrontation between the teen and watchmen, Martin lay dead from a gunshot to the chest. Zimmerman admitted to police that he shot Martin, but claimed he acted in self-defense.

Follow the latest updates on the trial on our live blog and follow our reporting on the George Zimmerman trial page.


07/13/2013 11:22 PM EDT

Family Attorney Presser Finished

The family attorneys have finished speaking.

07/13/2013 11:19 PM EDT

'Please Respect Their Privacy'

"Please respect their privacy," Crump said of the Martin family.

07/13/2013 11:18 PM EDT

'No Interest'

"Jurors were given packets of letters from the media containing interview requests. They expressed no interest at this time," Kennedy said.

07/13/2013 11:17 PM EDT

'Anonymity Order Is Still In Effect'

"Anonymity order is still in effect... Any attempt to identify jurors is a violation of the current order," said Michelle Kennedy, Public Information Officer for the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit.

07/13/2013 11:16 PM EDT

'We Must All Be Peaceful'

"For Trayvon to rest in peace we must all be peaceful," Benjamin Crump said.

07/13/2013 11:13 PM EDT

Martin Family Attorney's Speaking

"We are very, very saddened," Darryl Parks said.

07/13/2013 11:09 PM EDT

'Jury Has No Desire To Speak'

"Jury has no desire to speak to media," said Michelle Kennedy, Public Information Officer for the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit.

07/13/2013 11:08 PM EDT

Defense Presser Finished

The defense has finished talking.

07/13/2013 11:05 PM EDT

Zimmerman Will Get Back His Gun

07/13/2013 11:02 PM EDT

'Nothing Can Bring Back Trayvon Martin'

"[Martin's family] suffered a tragedy ... Nothing can bring back Trayvon Martin ... But I'm not going to shy away from the fact that the evidence showed George Zimmerman did nothing wrong," O'Mara said.

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