Harper Beckham's Style: Is This Two-Year-Old The Next Suri Cruise? (PHOTOS)

07/10/2013 09:08 am ET | Updated Jul 10, 2013

When it comes to celebrity kids, we're almost always jealous. Not only are they better dressed than we'll ever hope to be, but they also possess a certain je ne sais quoi that makes them effortlessly cool (ahem Suri Cruise). Although it may seem like mini-Cruise is the reigning queen of runway-ready rug rats, it appears as though she has some major competition from Victoria Beckham's daughter, Harper Seven.

During her short time on earth, Harper has had a handbag named in her honor, was offered a modeling contract and has attended a variety of glam Tinseltown parties -- and all before her first day of kindergarten

In celebration of her 2nd birthday (we know, two has never looked so cool), we are taking a look at her life, according to social media. Not only is this tot a regular at Fashion Week, but she also has style in spades -- we think this little chica is gunning for a permanent place on our best-dressed list.

Check out the glamourous life of Harper Beckham and tell us you're not a little bit jealous.

She sits front row at fashion shows.

There is jewelry with her face on it.

She can buy dolls... of her OWN parents.

She has the best wardrobe ever.

No, seriously.





She has already walked down the catwalk.

More fashionable shots of baby Beckham:

Harper Beckham: One Stylish Baby

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