The Best Tomato Recipes Ever

07/24/2012 09:26 am ET | Updated Aug 03, 2015
How Sweet It Is

When it comes to summer produce -- zucchini, apricots and eggplant to name just a few -- we're pretty gratuitous with our adoration. We've waxed poetic about peaches and have loudly sung our praises for the little blueberry. We may have even claimed at one point that each of these fruits and vegetables were our all-time favorite; sometimes we just get carried away. But when we say it about the tomato, we mean it. This summer fruit (which you eat more like a vegetable) is where our heart truly belongs.

Red, purple, yellow or green, tomatoes are the reason summer meals are so beloved. Between the fresh tomato salad recipes and the cold gazpacho soup recipes, we don't think we'd could get through this sunny season without them. Here are the 29 best tomato recipes we could find -- to make sure you eat them all summer long.

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