It's Free Slurpee Day!

That's right: All day on July 11th (7/11, get it?), customers can walk into participating 7-Eleven stores and walk out with a free Slurpee. (Click here to find the store closest to you).

If a free frozen-sugary concoction isn't enough to get you take advantage of the deal, here are 12 amazing facts about the Slurpee that may change your mind:

7-Eleven is nearly doubling the size of the Slurpee it is giving away this year to 12 full ounces.

7-Eleven has sold nearly 6.5 billion Slurpee's since the drink was created -- that's almost enough for every person on Earth!

The drink was introduced in 1966 but the term "Slurpee" wasn't created until 1967 by a 7-Eleven director.

The Slurpee was allegedly invented when an anonymous genius put some sodas in the freezer to cool down!

Enough Slurpee drinks are sold annually to fill up 12 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Yes! 12!

The most Slurpees are actually sold in Winnipeg, Canada and Detroit comes in second.

The scientific name for brain freeze, a common problem that plagues Slurpee lovers everywhere, is Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia.

Sales of Slurpee Light -- the low-calorie version of the drink that was introduced in 2012 -- now account for 20 percent of total Slurpee sales, a 7-Eleven official wrote in an email to The Huffington Post.

There is just one lucky individual on the planet that 7-Eleven acknowledges owns an authentic Slurpee machine -- the rest are in 7-Eleven stores.

The most popular Slurpee flavors are Coca-Cola and Minute Maid Cherry.

In 2004, Slurpee actually created an edible Slurpee straw to accompany the famed frozen drink.

More than 40 percent of Slurpees are bought during June, July and August.

Joe Satran contributed reporting to this story.

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