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Brian Kilmeade Hits 'Trick Shot Titus' Toddler In Face (VIDEO)

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Brian Kilmeade hit a two-year old in the face with a toy basketball, making him cry, on Thursday's "Fox and Friends."

"Trick Shot Titus" — a 2-year-old Internet phenomenon who once went up against Shaquille O'Neal — was on the show to demonstrate his shooting skills. Outside the studio, the toddler sunk shot after shot — that is, until Kilmeade tried to pass him the ball and accidentally hit him in the face instead. Titus immediately grabbed his face and started wailing.

"I don't believe it," Kilmeade said. "Sorry."

Later, he appeared on the curvy couch with Titus, who was okay, and asked if he had been "at fault there or should have Titus had his hands up?"

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