07/12/2013 09:03 am ET | Updated Oct 01, 2013

The Top Sodas In America, In Order From Worst To Best (PHOTOS)


We don't drink a lot of soda around HuffPost Taste headquarters, we are frequently too busy drinking beer, whiskey or strange kinds of coffee. That means, when we DO drink soda, we try to make sure we'll really enjoy it. Among us, you'll find birch beer lovers, root beer lovers, cherry vanilla creme lovers and even someone who didn't hate ranch dressing soda. Which is probably why, when we took a look at 2012's top sodas by market share list, we felt really, really worried about America's taste buds.

Most of these will not surprise you. Coca-Cola will probably never relax its vice grip on Americans' soda preference, if only by virtue of just being the most available. But, because we are like this, we've taken the liberty of ranking of your top soda brands, from worst to best. To clarify: these are not the sodas we like the best, they are the sodas you buy the most, so you only have yourselves to blame.

10. Diet Pepsi (7th most purchased)
diet pepsi
Guys, Diet Pepsi is, without question, the worst thing to ever be carbonated and bottled. That this even cracked the top ten actually hurts our feelings. We would rather drink ranch dressing soda than Diet Pepsi.

9. Diet Mountain Dew (8th most purchased)
diet mtn dew

diet coke

7. Diet Dr. Pepper (9th most purchased)
diet dr pepper

6. Pepsi-Cola (3rd most purchased)

5. Mountain Dew (4th most purchased)
mtn dew

4. Sprite (6th most purchased)

3. Dr. Pepper (5th most purchased)
dr pepper

2. Coke (1st most purchased, duh, of course)

1. Fanta (10th most purchased)

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