07/12/2013 01:29 pm ET

Catherine Zeta-Jones Is So Hot, You'll Need To Blast Your A/C Just To Look At These Photos (VIDEO)

Just when you thought this summer couldn't get any hotter, Catherine Zeta-Jones decided to make an appearance. And man, is she smokin'!

The gorgeous actress stole the show at the red carpet premiere of "Red 2" in Los Angeles yesterday, the action flick where she stars alongside Hollywood heavyweights Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren.

Zeta-Jones, 43, wore a floor-length black lace dress which allowed for her toned legs to shine through.

Just last April, the actress "proactively" checked herself into a mental health facility to treat her bipolar disorder. Before she completed her 30-day program, she checked herself out and returned home. "She's doing a really good job of getting balanced. I'm proud of her," said her husband, Michael Douglas.


catherine zetajones

catherine zetajones

catherine zetajones


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