George Koukos Stabs 'Scabby,' The Teamsters' Giant Inflatable Rat Used During Union Protests (PHOTO)

07/12/2013 05:46 pm ET
DNAinfo/Chicago Police

Story by Erin Meyer, courtesy of DNAinfo Chicago

Scabby is a mainstay of union protests in Chicago, a giant inflatable rat meant to shame companies that use nonunion workers.

Scabby, however, met his match this weekend when an angry worker stabbed it with a box cutter and then ran over the deflated rodent with his car, prosecutors said. The worker was trying to get past the rat during a Downtown dispute with a Teamsters organizer.

The Scabby slashing hit George Koukos hard, though. Police charged the 43-year-old Wauconda resident with a felony and locked him up.

It happened, prosecutors said, as Teamsters Union demonstrators gathered outside 20 S. Clark St. on Sunday.

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