07/12/2013 12:07 pm ET Updated Jul 12, 2013

NBC 10's Julie Tremmel Gives Tips For Reacting To Bears (VIDEO)

Viewers in Providence, Rhode Island may have been baffled by, or simply shaken their heads at, a recent segment on the 11 p.m. news.

Local NBC affiliate WJAR reported on a man who faced down a bear. Reporter Julie Tremmel followed up with a story about how people should react to bears.

She demonstrated all her tips, lying face down in the grass, and charging at and throwing her shoes at the camera. The video has been making the rounds online and appeared on "News You Can't Use" on Friday's "Morning Joe." BuzzFeed has turned it into GIFs.

"No experts in her story and not a single shot of a bear," blog FTV Live lamented.

(h/t FTV Live)


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