A theme park erected on the South Korean island of Jeju is a leading candidate for the world's kinkiest theme park.

Ever since its debut in 2004, Jeju Loveland has been arousing the interest of tourists because of its collection of more than 140 salacious statues and erotic exhibitions that graphically depict all sorts of sexy situations between humans, animals and humans and animals, Kotaku.com reported.

The park is about the size of two soccer fields and takes about an hour to see -- less, if you just want a quickie.

The sexy sculptures were created by a group of art school grads from Seoul's Hongik University and have become sort of a crash course in sex education for honeymooners from other parts of South Korea, many of whom had their marriages arranged and, thus, aren't familiar with each other, Der Speigel reported.

However, if you already are familiar with your partner -- and sex in general -- Jeju Loveland might be a good refresher course as the photos in the gallery amply demonstrate.

Even better: There's a playground for the kids.

GRAPHIC, NSFW slideshow below:

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  • WARNING: Graphic Sexual Imagery

  • Sex land South Korea Love Land Jeju Loveland

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  • Jeju Love Land Jeju Island South Korea

    Jeju Love Land Jeju Island South Korea.

  • Funny stuff you can buy in the giftshop at Jeju Loveland

    Funny stuff you can buy in the giftshop at Jeju Loveland, an adult-oriented sculpture park on Jeju Island, South Korea.

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  • Oppa Gangnam style Jeju Love Land

  • Loveland, Jeju, South Korea

    Ajjumas having fun at the Loveland. Also, an exhibition of typical scenes of the love life of the koreans.

  • LoveLand SculpturePark Jeju Island

    LoveLand in Jeju Island Korea.

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  • Jeju Loveland

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  • Jeju Loveland

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  • Jeju Loveland

  • Jeju Loveland

  • Jeju Loveland

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