Atoms For Peace & Spotify: Band Pulls Its Music From Streaming Service

07/14/2013 04:22 pm ET

Music from supergroup Atoms for Peace will no longer be available on Spotify as band member Nigel Godrich announced the band was pulling its music in a Twitter rant on Sunday afternoon.

The 42-year-old musician, who may be best known for his work with Radiohead, took to Twitter to speak out against the streaming service. Godrich told fans that Atoms For Peace's 2013 album, "Amok" would no longer be available for streaming, as well as two of his other projects: Ultraista's self-titled album and Atoms for Peace leader Thom Yorke's album "The Eraser."

Godrich claimed in his extended stint on Twitter that Spotify is "bad for new music." Take a look at Godrich's tweets below.

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