07/14/2013 10:12 am ET Updated Jul 28, 2014

Juanes' U.S Tour Places Colombian Rockstar In Top 20 Concerts Of 2013

By Michael Lopez


Want to know what the hottest concert ticket is this summer? Well actually it’s The Rolling Stones, but the the hottest Latino concert ticket is from Tr3s fave Juanes.

El Rockero is pulling in a hefty $146,000 per show.According to Pollstar, he’s in the Top 20 concert earners of the year.

Other names earning loads of cash include Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi and New Kids On The Block. The Stones, however, continue to dominate by a longshot, taking in a whopping $7.9 million per venue.

Juanes has proven to be one of the more reasonable tickets though. Getting into his “LOUD and Unplugged” show will cost you about $50. Getting into a Stones concert costs about $350.

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