07/14/2013 07:02 pm ET

Kevin Garnett Will Change Jersey Number As Tribute To Fallen Teammate Malik Sealy


By Brian Josephs, Complex Sports

Kevin Garnett so far had two jersey numbers in his NBA career: 21 and 5.

The former was his first number and Malik Sealy's college number. Sealy was Garnett's teammate for one year and his close friend who sadly died on May 20th, 2000 when a drunk driver who was driving on the wrong side of the road hit Sealy's SUV when he was leaving Garnett's birthday party. The guard was posting career season highs while appearing in a number of acting roles.

Garnett will pay tribute to his Sealy in Brooklyn by donning No. 2—Sealy's jersey. It's good to see him keeping someone who was gone too soon in his memory.

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