ALBANY, N.Y. -- Amtrak will allow bikes on board specially fitted cafe cars on their Ethan Allen line running from New York to Vermont.

Sen. Charles Schumer announced Tuesday that Amtrak will test a "Bring Your Bike on Board" demonstration program on the Ethan Allen line this month. Schumer and other elected officials had asked Amtrak to fit cafe cars for bikes on their Adirondack and Ethan Allen trains to connect downstate riders with upstate biking trails.

The demonstration will be limited, but Schumer says it a significant first step that will allow Amtrak to gauge demand and gather feedback for testing on other lines.

Schumer says Amtrak already has a "Bring Your Bicycle On Board" program on its Boston-Portland line, its New York-Charlotte line, and in California.

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  • Roomette

    An Amtrak roomette -- the railroad's smallest sleeping accommodation.

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