Lucky The Kitten's Famous Firefighter Rescue Is Now An Epic Indie Film (VIDEO)

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In early July, we met Lucky, the aptly named kitten from Fresno, Calif., whose incredible rescue was filmed through a firefighter's helmet camera. Soon after, little Lucky and Cory Kalanick, the veteran firefighter who saved her, became viral Internet stars.

We never guessed they'd also be (sort of) movie stars.

But now, YouTube user kalanick1111 has reworked the footage into a film fit for Sundance.

'The Rescue: A True Story' looks like the previews for an indie movie -- one that we'd actually go see. And also, it's just adorable.

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UPDATE: Unfortunately, Lucky the kitten reportedly passed away the night of the rescue. The SPCA's Beth Caffrey told Life With Cats, “It’s a very sad loss. The kitten however was in very loving hands.”

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