Imagine our delight when we stumbled upon this sandwich suitcase. Easily identifiable at the airport, it lets the world know you are serious about sandwiches and -- look, guys, it's a suitcase shaped like a sandwich, how much more convincing do we have to do?

Now imagine our despair when we realized that this marvel of modern design is an art project and not an actual piece of luggage available for purchase. The PB&J Sandwich, by artist Andy Yoder, is filled with thirty-one tiny compartments. Each one contains a miniature representation of an ingredient in the sandwich. We'd like to use this platform to ask the luggage designers of the world to help. For humanity. And sandwiches.

sandwich suitcase

However, the best part of your new favorite piece of luggage actually being an art project is the increased likelihood that the inside of said luggage will be AMAZING:

sandwich suitcase

Look at all those compartments! Think of the toiletry possibilities!

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