07/18/2013 02:55 pm ET

15 Cent Hot Dogs At Wienerschnitzel On Sunday To Celebrate National Hot Dog Month


There's nothing more American than the hot dog -- and at 15 cents a pop, who can say no.

Wienerschnitzel is offering 15-cent hot dogs this Sunday, July 21, as a throwback to its 1960s price, LAist reports. In honor of National Hot Dog Month (that's right!), the restaurant is offering its original Chili Dog, Mustard Dog or Kraut Dog, one 15-cent dog per person.

Irvine-based Wienerschnitzel has over 300 locations, predominantly in California and Texas, although some scattered across the country as well. The founder of the restaurant, John Galardi, passed away in recent months so the 15-cent special is also in his honor, the OC Weekly reports.


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