If anybody knows how to strike a pose, it's Gisele Bündchen. The supermodel to end all supermodels has been in the biz so long, she could probably model in her sleep at this point.

Or while doing errands off-duty. When Gisele went shopping in Los Angeles on Wednesday, the paparazzi couldn't help but to take notice of the leggy model, outfitted in white jeans and celebrity-sized shades.

While we consider our own streetwear looks successful when our hair doesn't frizz, Gisele tosses her lustrous locks in the breeze as if there's a fan fluffing them out. While our hands cramp up from the weight of the shopping bags we carry, Gisele holds them regally, like props.

Which begs the question: Is Gisele actually off-duty in these photos, or is she on the job? Check out the photos below and discuss your theories!





Gisele doing her day job:

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  • Vanity Fair Italy, April 2013

  • Elle Germany, March 2013

  • Vogue Mexico, June 2005

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