07/18/2013 12:28 pm ET

Windy City Fireworks Store Set On Fire, Burns To The Ground In Colorful Blaze (VIDEO)

It's Independence Day somewhere.

A fireworks store in Rochester, Ind., lit up the night sky as it burned to the ground Wednesday night.

Firefighters had to "dodge" explosives as they put out the colorful blaze at Windy City Fireworks, WSBT reports.


#BreakingNews Amazing shot from fire at Windy City Fireworks in Rochester. (PHOTO/ Mike Jernstrom)

— WSBT News (@WSBT) July 18, 2013

There were no initial reports of injuries.

The fire -- and firework show stemming from it -- was any child's dream. The selection that ignited all at once was extensive:

"Bottle Rockets, Firecrackers, Artillery Shells, Fountains, 500 Grams, Aerial Cakes, Packaged Assortments, Roman Candles, Ground Spinners, Parachutes, 16,000 Firecracker Roll, Sparklers, Snakes, Smoke Balls, and Much More!" according to its Facebook page.

Smoke could be seen from miles away and "every road" to the store was closed by police and fire units, ABC57 reports.

The fireworks store, which occupied two connected buildings, also sold antiques, according to FOX28.


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