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PRO TIPS: How To Throw The Perfect Party (PHOTOS)

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Throwing the perfect soiree is easy if you follow these tips.

1. Dip - Having (or not having) the right dip can make or break your party. Think long and hard about what kind of dip you want to serve. And then think some more. And if you weren't planning on having dip, get out of the party game right now and never return.
eating dip

2. Other Snacks - There are some people out there who will probably say you need a nice variety of different snacks at a party besides just dip. These people are idiots.
eating dip

3. Games - Depending on what kind of party this is, you might want to have some board games available, but don't overdo it. Playing a game can really cut into a guest's dip-eating time.
eating dip

4. Drinks - Drinks, especially alcoholic drinks, are often the centerpiece of most parties. And you should probably have some available, but make sure your guests don't get too drunk to eat dip. Or worse, so drunk they don't remember eating the dip.
eating dip

5. Lighting - Never underestimate the power of good lighting. If the lights are too bright, guests might not feel as free to party. And if the lights are too low, your guests might not be able to locate the dip and then you have a real disaster on your hands.
eating dip

6. Party Layout - Make sure your party space has a layout that will make guests comfortable. Are there enough places to sit? Do you need room to dance? And is the dip easily accessible from every angle? If the dip is hard to reach, you could be hearing this: "Hey, great party last night. Though, come to think of it, I didn't have any dip. Terrible party!" Don't let this happen to you!
eating dip

7. Guest List - Having the right mix of people at your party is essential. Maybe you have friends who don't like dip. These people don't qualify as "party people" and are not welcome.
eating dip

8. Decor - You may be tempted to buy, or even "DIY" (whatever that means) your own party decorations. Do not waste time on this. It will take away precious energy you could be focusing on making sure you have the highest quality dip.
eating dip

9. Vibe - Everybody wants their party to have a good "vibe." And not a weird "vibe" or a bad "vibe." Honestly, the "vibe" is not really something you have any control over. So just use this time to arrange your dip into a visually appealing display.
eating dip

10. Music - Curating the perfect playlist is important. But if you feel like people are getting too into the music and not eating enough dip, simply turn it off so people can focus.
eating dip

11. Have fun! - Don't get bogged down with hosting duties. Remember to eat plenty of dip yourself. If you look stressed when you're around the dip, people will start to associate negative feelings with the dip and maybe stop eating it and we all know that's a nightmare scenario that CANNOT HAPPEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
eating dip

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