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'Breaking Bad' At Comic-Con: Bryan Cranston, Vince Gilligan And Aaron Paul Talk Final Season

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Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston in 'Breaking Bad' | AP

As it heads into its final batch of episodes, which arrive on AMC Aug. 11, the cast of "Breaking Bad" -- Bryan Cranston (Walter White), Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman), Anna Gunn (Skyler White), Dean Norris (Hank Schrader), Betsy Brandt (Marie Schrader), R. J. Mitte (Walter Jr.) and Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman) came to Hall H to talk about what's in store for TV's favorite meth dealer and his friends and family.

Follow along with our liveblog below to find out what they had to say about the final season.

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"Breaking Bad's" final Comic-Con panel is done. Heisenberg out.

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Gilligan says he's happy with how the series finale turned out. "Everyone in front of the lens and behind it is feeling pretty good," about the conclusion of the tale, he said.

Then they show a clip from the Aug. 11 episode of the show. Walt is looking very haggard and bearded in the clip from the Aug. 11 episode.

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Why have some fans had an issue with Skyler, a fan asks? Gunn gave a very thoughtful and well-thought-out answer. She said that every story needs a protagonist and an antagonist and that if the show had made the audience too sympathetic to Skyler to early on, "I think it weakens how you feel about him. It would have undercut the show."

"It says some things about how people see women and men and wives and husbands," but that's a discussion for another day, Gunn added.

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Continuing the scene of tough turns for the characters, Paul talks about the death of Gale.

"Probably when Jesse shot Gale was really when he obviously turned into a really bad person. He killed probably the nicest guy on the show. He was just such a sweet guy and a nice person," Paul said. "In season 3 after the death of Jane, he blamed himself for that and he was trying to convince himself that he was the bad guy. He "proved that to himself" by pulling the trigger on Gale.

Cranston referenced again the Jane death scene as a turning point for Walt, and there was a lot of discussion of how it would work. "There was a turn here for when the culpability in Jane's death," Cranston said. Cranston said when [the script] first came in, she starts choking and he pushes her back on her back so that she would choke to death and thus he is "directly involved in this woman's death." The studio and network gave notes to Vince, they said that "It's too soon for that kind of egregious act to happen at that stage," Cranston said. "Vince rethought about it and came up with a different plan and we worked out on the day. Walt wouldn't see her fall back on her back -- that jostling [that Walt does to Jesse] would make her fall back naturally. The culpable moment for walt is when he recognizes this girl could die and what does he do then?"

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A fan asked if there were any character development or moment they had trouble accepting?

"Not being able to walk and having to wear some kind of diaper thing," Norris said.

"I think Saul does everything right and I've never had a problem with a single move he's made," Odenkirk. "He's the most perfect character in the show. He has his life in balance.... He's the zen master of the show. I think I personally have so much fun playing those violent scenes scenes being attacked by one of these lunatics," he added.

In the beginning it was hard for Anna Gunn to understand some things about Skyler and how strong she was, but Vince helped her understand her. "She is not ever going to sit in a corner and weep," she said. "For me being a more overtly emotional person," Gunn had to work on the more cerebral and action-oriented Skyler.

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A fan notes that never viewers saw on camera how Walt poisoned Brock with the lily-of-the-valley derived poison. How'd he do it? "My writers and I would always tell the stories to ourselves of the Evil Juicebox Man," Gilligan said. He says Walt had just enough time to do it and it would have been "very trick indeed. It would have been improbable but it was doable," Gilligan said. He said that Walt crushed it and put it in a juicebox and put it in Brock's lunchbox at schoo. "It would have been tricky timing but he was a very motivated individual at that point," Gilligan said.

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Gilligan talked about how Tio Salamanca (Mark Margolis) became a big part of the show based on the actor's performance. They were excited to get Margolis for the role -- "It was like getting Michael Jordan to coach your peewee basketball scene," Gilligan said. They really wanted Margolis back and they wove him into the show. Gilligan adds that the conception Hank changed a lot after he met Dean Norris.

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The cast is asked about some of their favorite iconic moments.

Cranston: "Certainly [there was] some iconic language. 'I am the danger.' 'I am the one who knocks,;" Cranston says. "Most impactful scene to shoot was when Jane died. "He allowed this young girl to die and that was horrific in many different ways, but the acting was fantastic."

Memorable lines for Paul included "Tastes like a scab" and "Yeah, b*tch magnets!" and also the line about the "robot." Paul and Cranston finagled inserting that line in the scene when they were out in the desert shooting some magnet scenes.

Another memorable moment: Cranston recalls throwing the pizza on the roof and he got it in one take, even though they had all kinds of special effects ready in case he wasn't able to do it.

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Hardwick congratulates Cranston on getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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"People always ask me if I improvise and I have done a lot of comedy and he's funny," Odenkirk says. "Every single thing I say is scripted and I enjoy doing that because it's different from my day job.

"What he just said now was all scripted," Cranston interjects.

"The key to Saul… is he's good at what he does," Odenkirk continued. "You see a lot of boobs on TV, they're always fun to laugh at. All kinds of boobs. Boobs and lunatics. With Saul, he's funny but he always gets stuff done."

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Norris talks about how Hank seemed like a blowhard but then the viewers got to see a lot of different sides to the DEA agent. "Usually you don't get a chance to do that on TV, for the audience to see an underneath to a character," Norris says. He loved playing all those different kinds of moments.

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"I spent my whole teenage life with 'Breaking Bad,'" R.J. Mitte says. "I wouldn't be who I am without the show" and his co-stars. "Most people had high school, I had 'Breaking Bad.' ... I did a lot of chemistry. We're setting up a lab," he says to laughter.

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"She's dealing witha lot of disapointment inside of her as well, but she would never say that" to anyone, Anna Gunn says of Skyler. "When she finds out what's going on," instead of turning him in or running away, and "she thinks she can outsmart it in the same way he thinks he can outsmart things. … That's her downfall as a human being, she thinks she can do things along the way [to salvage things]…. I think that she hopes against hope that she can eke by… I think she hopes that somehow it will work out. In the back of her mind," she's always got the kids on her mind. All things considered, Gunn thinks on some level Skyler knows it probably won't turn out well.

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"Our show is very obviously dark but the set is very loose and very comical. It's really because of this man [Cranston]. He's the most professional person I've ever worked with but also the most immature man, which is a great combination," Paul says.

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Hardwick is asking questions but everyone is distracted by Cranston putting the mask on his microphone and almost making out with it. "Kiss it!" Paul says. Cranston is answering with his lips on the face of the mask, which is over the microphone. It's very creepy and funny.

Paul is now kissing the mask. This is one of the most insane things ever. "Oh my god, it's happening," Paul says. "The mask has a look on its face like, 'No, please, no more!'" Hardwick says with a laugh.

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How many times a day do people say "Yeah, b*tch" to Paul? "I can't even begin to count," Paul says. "Hall H, b*tch!" he adds for good measure.

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Bryan Cranston walked the floor with a Walter White mask on. He wore it on to the stage and then took it off. It's now perched on the edge of the panelist table. "It was the most fun I've ever had walking the flloor," Cranston said. He told people he made the mask himself.

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Moderator Chris Hardwick announces that there will be a "Breaking Bad" aftershow called Talking Bad. It will air after the show, which returns Aug. 11. "It will kind of be a retrospective of the series" as well as a discussion of each week's episode. And now there's a trailer of the first half of season 5.

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Stay tuned for updates live from Comic-Con's "Breaking Bad" panel.

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