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Has Kate Middleton Given Birth? How Her Family Is Spending The Great Kate Wait (PHOTOS)

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How are the Middletons and the royal family waiting out Kate's labor? | Getty

As royal baby-crazed as we may be, we admit there are a few others who are probably a bit more anxious than we are: Kate Middleton's family. The royals and the Middletons must be beyond excited to meet wee baby Cambridge. So, how's the gang waiting out her labor?

Prince William is said to be at Kate's side, as he reportedly accompanied the duchess to the hospital when she went into labor early this morning. The couple snuck into St Mary's through a side entrance.

Queen Elizabeth has recently returned to Buckingham Palace after spending the weekend in Windsor.

Carole and Pippa Middleton were rumored to be joining Kate at the hospital, the Daily Mail reports, but we have yet to hear confirmation of their arrival. Meanwhile, Kate's Uncle Gary is concerned about the weather:

Prince Harry is waiting for news from his military base:

And Prince Charles and Camilla are in Yorkshire, where Charles says he knows "absolutely nothing yet."

It's all so exciting! Stay tuned to our liveblog for real-time updates on Kate's condition, the whereabouts of her family and much more.

UPDATE: Buckingham Palace confirmed to NBC news that Carole and Pippa have no plans to wait with Kate in the delivery room.

Perhaps a rousing polo match will take your mind off the anxiety:

Prince Harry: A Life In Polo
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Speculation over the royal couple's choice of name has run wild in the time since the Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy was announced, with Brits betting on front-runners with and without strong historical precedents.

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By choosing a polka-dotted dress for her hospital departure, Kate has inadvertently opened the flood gates to another wave of comparison to a woman she has never even met.

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Sin City has officially extended an offer for the royal baby to visit once he's of age. Do you think baby George's uncle, Prince Harry, will come along?

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Your sex life will never be the same. In my day. What, not breast-feeding?

From diet tips to "little baby, little problems," sleep-deprived and super-stressed new parents have heard it all. And they want you to stop it.

As Britain's Prince William and his wife, Kate, move along on their parenting journey, it seems even the queen has had a what-not-to-say moment. According to a special edition of Us magazine on raising royals, she exclaimed soon after William's birth: "Thank goodness he hasn't ears like his father!"

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All of a sudden, there's a lot more interest in Carole Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge's 58-year-old mom and the only biological grandmother of the littlest future king of England.

With Kate and her mom extremely close, and the new parents both eager to live somewhat of a normal life, you can be sure Grannie Middleton will want to be very hands-on in her new royal role. Here's what you need to know about Carole.

Share this: tumblr told by GIFs. See them here.

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The Telegraph reports that the couple hasn't yet finished decorating a nursery because they are waiting for the completion of their new apartment within Kensington Palace. According to E! Online, this 20-room space, also known as Apartment 1A, will be ready for the growing family in August. Prior to the renovations, this vacant area was serving as an office and storage space.

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The royal baby is here! Now that we've seen him and his parents have said some sweet words about the birth, we're left wondering... what is his official title?

Until Will and Kate choose a first name, the royal baby will officially be titled as "HRH Prince of Cambridge." It makes sense, given that his father is titled "Prince William, Duke of Cambridge" and Kate is titled "Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge." In fact, the royal baby's title will be the first time "Prince of Cambridge" has been used in 194 years! Find out more about his royal title here.

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Kate Middleton gave birth to a son on Monday afternoon, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not yet made their baby name choice public -- and if precedent is any indication, it could be a week or even a month before their selection is announced.

On leaving the hospital with his wife and newborn on Tuesday, Prince William said the couple are "still working on a name," assuring an eager public, "We'll have that as soon as we can."

In the meantime, the baby name frenzy, that's been brewing since Kate's pregnancy was announced, is at its peak. Find out which royal name is the favorite!

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Baby nailed that wave. on Twitpic

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Preliminary thoughts upon “meeting” the Royal Baby for the first time:

He waves! Our first Royal wave.

Kate didn't fall down the steps while holding her son. I held my breath just in case. After all, she was wearing heels.

Kate made absolutely no attempt to appear like anything other than a woman who has just given birth. Okay, her hair looked better than most new mothers, but

Read more

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Kate Middleton and Prince William left St Mary's Hospital at 7:14 pm BST on July 23 with the royal baby boy in tow.

The duchess arrived at the hospital early in the morning on July 22 through a secret entrance. She gave birth to the 8-pound, 6-ounce baby at 4:24 p.m that day, more than a week after his rumored due date.

"I'll remind him of his tardiness when he's a bit older," Prince William joked to the press waiting outside the hospital. Kate stood beside Will holding her newborn son while wearing a bespoke blue dress by British designer, Jenny Packham. See photos here.

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Though he may never escape the glare of the limelight, we hope the newborn son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be comforted by his many blessings: a beautiful home, famous friends, thousands of adoring fans and… oh yes, a hefty billion dollar inheritance. Read more about it here.

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Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog just became the latest heavyweights to congratulate Prince William and Kate Middleton on the birth of the royal baby.

Walt Disney Studios posted a video on Tuesday of Kermit and Miss Piggy on the set of the upcoming Muppets movie, "Muppets Most Wanted." Watch it here.

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When asked about the royal baby, the first-time grandmother said he's "absolutely beautiful."

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The majority of British residents would be comfortable if Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge's firstborn child grew up to be gay, according to a new survey.

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Kate's mother and father, first-time grandparents, arrived at the Lindo Wing shortly after 3 pm on Tuesday.

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Within Will and Kate's first day as parents, revelers celebrate at Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey tolls bells and royal artilleries launch gun salutes. Australia has already dedicated a building to the royal baby.

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Queen Elizabeth's imminent vacation may speed an announcement along.

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Royal tots in Belgium, Tokyo and beyond just got a new playmate to join their exceptionally exclusive kids' club.

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Protection officers were spotted dropping off not one, but two pizza pies at the rear entrance of St Mary's Lindo Wing.

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The bells will ring from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm in London. Watch and listen here.

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