Pixelist Will Turn Your Instagram Into An Oil Painting: Thrillist

07/23/2013 04:07 pm ET | Updated Jul 23, 2013

instagram painting

Now that everyone's on Instagram, anybody who slaps on a washed out filter is ready to declare themselves an artist. But you're fooling no one with that blown up print of the "graffiti at dusk" shot hanging above bed. Leave it to the pros at Pixelist, who'll render your favorite shots by hand, in oil on canvas.

instagram painting
Once you've picked the 'gram you want immortalized, shoot an email indicating how large you'd like it (they start at 12x12in and go all the way up to 6x6ft). Then, they'll put out notice to their coterie of talented artists, and have them get to work depicting your scene. Like part of the photo, but want to crop something out? Or highlight something specific? Let them know and they'll zero in on it. Want to tweak the color scheme? Pick your palette and they'll do their best to make it happen.

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