07/24/2013 08:25 am ET

Alec Baldwin's Twitter Grave Includes A Hashtag


Celebrity hothead Alec Baldwin took to Howard Stern for a discussion of acting, "30 Rock" and, most importantly, Twitter. Following a meltdown, and vows to quit Twitter, the "Orphans" actor happily explained why he has returned:

"The issue is, if you abandon the account you have, Twitter doesn't allow you to lock up that account. Someone else will take your name...I've spoken to like, ‘Bob Twitter,’ the guy that owns Twitter. His name is actually Bob Twitterberg and I called Bob Twitterberg and I said, 'Can I hold on to this account?' They said no."

Despite the excuses, when Stern stated that Twitter is the source of much of Baldwin's drama, he agreed. "That really is what should be on my tombstone, ‘He tweeted too much,'" said Baldwin. Although, we like his other idea better:

"Here Lies Alec Baldwin. #dead."


Alec Baldwin