Cristiano Ronaldo Free Kick Breaks Fan's Wrist During Match (VIDEO)

07/24/2013 01:49 pm ET

Just how much force is behind a free kick by Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo? 11-year-old soccer fan Charlie Silverwood found out the hard way.

The young Bournemouth fan was on the receiving end of a 35-yard set piece straight from the boot of the Portuguese international. Silverwood was seated just behind the goal as the shot sailed over the crossbar and hit him in the wrist. It resulted in a double fracture, Sky News reported.

"It's one of the most spectacular ways you can get your arm broken," Silverwood said, per Sky News. "I'd have to say, I prefer doing it this way than just falling out of a tree like my dad did."

Silverwood received an autographed jersey from Ronaldo and his teammates after the incident, according to The Sun.


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