Perhaps fortune cookies really can predict the future.

Or at least William Johnson's did. While eating dinner with his wife last week, the Massachusetts man recently opened up a fortune cookie that read, "You will soon come into a lot of gold," according to the state's lottery website. The next day, Mr. Johnson decided to test his luck by purchasing a Massachusetts Millionaire Mania scratch card. Lo and behold, he had won the $1 million prize.

Johnson will ultimately take away $650,000, which he and his wife may use to purchase a new lake house, although they are still considering other options. (Colonial News in Feeding Hills, Mass., where Johnson bought the ticket, will receive a commission of $10,000.)

William Johnson is not the first to hit the jackpot with the Massachusetts Millionaire Mania lottery this year, and Mass Lottery reports that there are still two $3 million prizes and three $1 million prizes left in the game.

Warning: You are more likely to encounter death by vending machine than win the Mega Millions, but good luck anyway!

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