07/25/2013 06:05 pm ET

Apple Responds To iPhone Electrocutions By Telling Customers To Use Apple Chargers


Apple posted instructions for telling a real Apple iPhone charger from copies on its Chinese website Thursday after two people were electrocuted, one fatally, plugging phones into unbranded chargers in recent weeks.

"Apple always put the user's safety first," the introduction to the new instructions says. "So all of our products are subject to stringent safety and reliability testing."

The instructions follow two separate electrocutions in the last two weeks of Chinese iPhone users who had plugged phones into unbranded chargers. A woman was killed after picking up a call on her plugged-in phone. The second victim fell into a coma after being shocked while trying to charge his iPhone.

iPhones are sold with chargers, but a replacement from Apple costs $39. Unbranded versions can be bought for a few dollars. Apple's new Chinese instructions focus on words and markings that it says only appear on Apple-brand chargers.


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