Ready to break up with your significant other? There's an app for that.

BreakupText, designed by Jake Levine and Lauren Leto, sends a break-up text to your significant other on your behalf.

The iTunes store description of the humorous app explains:

BreakupText makes it easier than ever to end things with your significant other. No more awkward conversations or phone calls. With BreakupText, you can end your relationship in just a few taps.

Tongue-in-cheek reviews of the product make us pretty sure that this app is all in good fun, and not really meant to replace those break-up talks:

"I've avoided so many potentially awkward confrontations simply pressing a few buttons and letting my former gf know of my unfortunate bear attack," Joey Sher22 wrote in a comment on iTunes.

If you're actually trying to end a relationship, you should probably consider having a face-to-face conversation -- no post-its, texts or emails necessary.

[h/t LaughingSquid]

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