As Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) draws attention for his recent comments on immigrants, a video from 2012 unearths one Republican voicing big praise for the congressman.

Back in May 2012, King was united with Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) at Iowa's annual Lincoln Dinner. According to a tweet from Des Moines Register political columnist Kathie Obradovich at the time, King introduced Cuccinelli before his keynote speech.

Once Cuccinelli took the podium, he spent a small segment of the speech lauding King as one of his "very favorite congressmen."

"Steve King is one of my very favorite congressmen," Cuccinelli said. "No disrespect to any of the others, but I probably spend more time with Steve on Capitol Hill than anybody else."

A Thursday morning Politico piece dives in to Cuccinelli's immigration views, casting him as a candidate whose tone "varies with venue."

“I want very much to see some sort of compromise reached in the area of immigration,” said Cuccinelli at last Saturday's Virginia gubernatorial debate with Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe. “It would be nice to get this off the table so that we could move on to other issues.”

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