Amusement parks have always been go-to destinations during the summer months, but for one couple, visiting amusement parks together holds a very special meaning.

Gene Williams, 94, and his wife Martha, 90, have been visiting Kennywood in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania together for decades. The couple recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary at the park, according to WTAE 4 in Pittsburgh.

Gene loves taking his wife on The Racer -- his favorite roller coaster -- and holding her hand while they ride. And even though he said the roller coaster itself isn't romantic, he finds romance in riding it with his wife.

"Nothing about it was romantic. Just being together is," he said.

Check out the video above to hear more from the long-married couple, then click through the slideshow below for even more sweet grandparent stories.

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  • "My favorite picture of my grandparents. My grandfather had just got back from war."

  • "My grandparents just reached the United States for the first time. It's been their whole life's dream to be here. Grandfather is 96."

  • "Grandparents' first time at a Japanese restaurant."

  • "My grandparents spending their 60th Christmas together..."

  • "My grandparents were beautiful."

  • "My grandparents after grandmother ran away from her Amish family to be with grandfather."

  • "My grandparents right before they got married."

  • "Whenever people say that all relationships eventually go sour or that true love isn't real, I am reminded to look at this photo of my grandparents."

  • "Look at those eyes! My grandparents on their wedding day."

  • "These are my grandparents. Today they have been married for 72 years."

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