07/26/2013 08:27 am ET

Danica McKellar & Avril Lavigne Made A Music Video Together (PHOTO)

Winnie Cooper is still rock 'n roll. Actress, author and seminal coming-of-age icon Danica McKellar took to the desert to help Avril Lavigne with her new video for "Rock N Roll."

McKellar, dressed in her best post-apocalypse wear for the shoot, had teased being part of a "mystery project" on Vine. Lavigne herself later pulled the lid off the collaboration by posting a photo of the pair on the set (find both below):

More McKellar photos from the shoot can be found over at The Daily Mail. For her part, McKellar seems to have had a blast:

Now let's all listen to "Rock N Roll" and bop our heads in solidarity.

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