If you can think of a better time to practice your kung-fu moves than when you're pissed drunk and stumbling down the street, we would LOVE to hear it.

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    Yeah, that small piece of paper should trick 'em.

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    10 bold calories and 10 meaningless ones.

  • Foot Long Fib

    A sandwich of sadness and shame.

  • Bathroom Break!

    That's just where Dave likes to sleep.

  • Burned To Perfection

    Humans and Elves have different definitions for the word, "care."

  • Giraffes = Penguins

    According to this Science text book.

  • Come On, Push It


  • The Cake Is A Lie

    But still delicious.

  • Unbreakable? No

    Tearable? Yes.

  • Frozen Shut

    Come on, Ice Breaker, do your job and get out of there!

  • Disorienting Door

    But... It says... Oh, whatever.

  • Lift 'N Peel

    You said if I lifted, it would peel. You lied.

  • Completely Pure

    And also a little bit fake.

  • Unclear Message

    If this isn't junk mail, then we don't know what is.

  • Never Out?

    We'll just sit here until the next roll magically appears.

  • The Force...

    Was not with these cookies.

  • One Car = Full

    But hey, that one car has got a lot of personality.

  • Honey Sauce-ish

    It's 7% honey and that's more than enough.