Here at Healthy Living, we're pretty particular about our workout gear.

We're always looking for stylish gym wear that doesn't compromise function. We're big on support and comfort, but we also want outfits we're excited to put on to help motivate us to get sweatin'.

Which is why we are continuously baffled by the unfortunate choices made in the world of fitness fashion. Could anyone actually work out in these?!

Wonder what happens to the double-sided tape when she starts to sweat...
push up tube top

Doesn't bridal bootcamp usually happen before the wedding?
bridal bootcamp

Jeans provide maximum comfort, flexibility and stretch.

Oh, thank goodness. Lip gloss is definitely what was missing here.
lip gloss

This season's golf shoes are so on trend.

She's hot then she's cold...

A real runner's actual nightmare.

Royal Nanny tryouts are no joke.
team in training

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.
pink pants

So please, choose your workout wear wisely. Unless of course you're this guy:
Then you can do whatever you want.

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