Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green return to "The Voice" this fall, and the coaches joined fellow mentor Adam Levine and host Carson Daly at the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday to preview the new season.

Check out our liveblog below to find out what you can expect from the newest cycle of "The Voice."

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Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, CeeLo Green and Carson Daly are on hand at TCA to discuss the new season of "The Voice."

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Adam: Blake who?

Christina: I understand that I'm coming back to the Blake Shelton Show ... We laugh all day. It's always fun to press our buttons, see the person, get 'em on our team ... We want them to win, but we can all agree it's the contestants that do win at the end of the day. Blake keeps it funny with his trophies.

Adam: I don't like it. It's great to work with these guys and help them to win the show ... But it's more amazing to work with these people, whenever they go home they go home with these amazing experiences. Winning is great, but winning isn't always the point. As long as we do our jobs and teach them what we know, we win. We've been very lucky in our careers ... It's more about preparing our people not to win or lose but do have a great experience.

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Adam: It's opened up my mind a lot to the potential of different things.

Christina: I went in holding hands with these guys and didn't know what to expect. Mark Burnett reached out to all of us and I don't think a show like this was even on our radar. We all as artists know what it's like to be up there, the make it or break it hotseat... I caught an episode of last season and I thought 'I can see why people like this!' We get very caught up, sitting in the chair, but seeing it from the outside and hearing some of the stories, it's nice to see the part of the show that's stayed true to the talent and made sure that their stories are heard ... It's just an amazing school. I had great training on "Mickey Mouse Club." I think it's affected me more on a personal level than on a professional level ... I've been able to remember the journey of where I started out.

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Christina: I was happy that someone filled the spot for a second, I had to step away ... Thank god for Shakira, she did a beautiful job, she has sweet, lovely energy. And Usher came and stepped up with a lot of creative stuff.

CeeLo: It was awkward and intriguing at the same time. It was an out of body experience, if you will. I experienced what Christina did, I became a fan of the show.

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Adam: Everyone makes mistakes. If your intentions are good, if someone misunderstands you, I think people can see through stupid media hype -- no offense! As long as you allow yourself to be who you are, you can't defend every single thing you say and worry about what you say. We don't really know how to talk. Part of my personality is to say things that will piss people off sometimes, and that's okay.

Christina: The show's not scripted, we're real people. We're artists.

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Adam: It would be really nice if we could launch a huge star. A lot of things have to happen ... The fact that it hasn't happened yet isn't a shortcoming of the show ... There's been a lot of success from people on the show and been really fulfilled in a business where that's hard.

Carson: That's not the main goal. There's winners on this show every day. You've got four of the biggest names in the business offering an experience. That little nugget of advice ... they leave feeling like they've won.

Adam: We aim for the moon, but people don't really appreciate what it takes to get into these chairs, it takes so many elements. The immediacy of winning and becoming a huge star is a fairytale that we'd love to see happen, but it's still a fairytale.

Christina: It doesn't happen that way -- it didn't happen that way for me either. Right after the "Mickey Mouse Club" we didn't rocket to fame straight after.

Adam: The show has always endorsed the second/third/fourth chance, the record deals that have fallen through. The show is about promoting talent. If you're not in the negative in this business, you're winning -- all I used to want was to be able to pay the rent.

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Christina: What's great about the show ... it is like a family, I don't want to be cliche, but I was looking forward to having a laugh with these guys... The four of us, it's so much fun, to have a laugh with these guys, we just have a good time. And to get to meet fresh talent, it's a new experience... For now it's a good fit for me.

Adam: And by the way, don't assume I don't need a break, because I do and I should probably take one, but I'm too insane.

CeeLo: I really missed the company a lot, that's what brought me back.

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CeeLo: I'm going back next year -- this time I'll be at the Rio and have my own room.

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Carson: This is a show that's on the schedule twice ... as producers we do look at the format and we do reserve the right to not damage the DNA. We thought the steal was a way to recapture some of the excitement -- if we do see a drop-off, we reserve the right to change the format and recapture some of that excitement.

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CeeLo: At any moment I can bring one of my pets up there -- I brought my boa constrictor up there but they didn't like that.

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Christina: I cannot live in front of the camera 24 hours a day. I have to take breaks and stay connected with myself, I think that's important so that you can be your best on camera. I'm a mom, when the cameras go off I put on sweats and a t-shirt and I'm mom. He starts kindergarten in the fall so I'm excited about that ... I wanted, for myself, have a moment ... I've been on a really incredible journey the past six months, I feel revived and renewed.

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Adam: We always wind up being happy for whoever wins.

CeeLo: On two occasions I was very disappointed. I wanted my Nicholas David and Juliet Simms to win.

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Adam: Carson is actually the first guy who put our band on TV. He was the only person who would put our band on TV, so thank you for giving us a shot.

Carson: You're welcome, write me a check.

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Carson: Blake's in concert tonight and couldn't be here.

Adam: He's lying, he's at home in bed.

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That's a wrap from "The Voice."

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