Imagine a world where all of our celebrity counterparts were simply just like us.

They're the angst-filled teenage cashiers, the ever-praised tech geeks and the powerful CEOs.

Weird, right?

But lucky for us, some of favorite (both ironically and unironically) celebs have gone on the record and said what they would love to do.

That is, if they weren't worth millions of dollars and didn't have cameras shoved in their faces 23 hours out of the day.

We can dream.

Justin Bieber: McDonald's Employee
He would probably try to "rebel" there too:
rachel green gifs

Lady Gaga: Dead
So ... yeah:
rachel green gifs

Jennifer Aniston: Party Planner
She would probably walk around and spellbind everyone:
rachel green gifs

Britney Spears: History Teacher
We could definitely go back to school if it was like this:
rachel green gifs

Danica McKellar: Math Teacher
Because, this:
rachel green gifs

Kate Bosworth: Psychiatrist
Maybe this is her listening face:
rachel green gifs

Rupert Grint: Ice-Cream Man
Sub ice cream cone for chicken legs:
rachel green gifs

Ryan Reynolds: Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman
We can only hope he rides shirtless:
rachel green gifs

Matthew McConaughey: Lawyer
Only if there are shirtless dancing men:
rachel green gifs

Michelle Williams: Love Letter Writer
Playing Marilyn Monroe probably makes her qualified:
rachel green gifs

Steve Buscemi: Firefighter
He might get this a lot:
rachel green gifs

Tom Cruise: Priest
Maybe he would impart these words of wisdom:
rachel green gifs

Angelina Jolie: Funeral Home Director
We would probably see a lot of this face:
rachel green gifs

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