Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Experience Means Saying Goodbye To Toxic Substances, Toxic Friends

07/29/2013 07:49 am ET | Updated Aug 05, 2013

Whether Lindsay Lohan is heading to Europe on a one-way ticket post-rehab, or moving right back to NYC, before she leaves her substance abuse treatment program at Cliffside, the "Parent Trap" actress is making some plans for healthy living.

To ensure she does not end up accidentally wearing mysterious coke-pants, Lohan spent some time in rehab eliminating the toxic substances surely pulsing through her veins, and also some toxic friends.

After a therapy session regarding negative influences, Lohan made the effort to identify hers. According to a source, apparently leaning over her shoulder while she wrote the list, the troubled star is saying goodbye to over 80 old pals.

TMZ wondered if Michael Lohan made the "cut" list, although we're more curious about Charlie Sheen.

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