07/29/2013 06:23 pm ET

'Stair-Surfing' Chocolate Lab Puppy Goes Down Steps With Style, Grace, Enthusiasm (VIDEO)

This puppy has figured out what children have long known: The best part about stairs is sliding down them.

We don't know the adorable pup's name, its age or where it lives. Based on the video's title, "Chocolate lab puppy stair surfing again," we think it's safe to infer that this is a regular occurrence. The dog's surprisingly elegant dismount also indicates these "surfing" sessions have been repeated regularly.

Whether or not this qualifies as "surfing" is another matter entirely, though based on the sound of the dog's tail, it seems like a blast.

Someone needs to give Hamlet the mini pig a few lessons (or maybe just a ride)!

WATCH the chocolate lab puppy "surf," above.