07/29/2013 09:48 am ET Updated Mar 11, 2015

Summer Drinks So Refreshing You'll Never Miss Soda

By Lynn Andriani

These six delicious and easy spritzers, smoothies and fruity sippers are made with fresh ingredients and not much else.

  • A Lemonade That's Naturally Pink
    Anna Williams
    Next time you're stuck with a huge seedless watermelon you know you'll never be able to finish, try this twist on lemonade. You puree the fruit in a food processor; strain out the pulp; and add lemon zest, water and a flavor boost made from honey and lemon juice. It's not as tart as traditional lemonade but just as refreshing (with nary a drop of red food dye). Get the recipe: Watermelon Lemonade
  • A New Spin On A Classic Indian Thirst Quencher
    This sweet drink reminds us of the mango lassi of Indian cuisine, but here, soy milk takes the place of milk and yogurt. The recipe also includes bananas, which add heft, and a good amount of lime juice (its tartness is a nice counterbalance to the sugary fruit). Get the recipe: Mango Lime Soy Milk Smoothie
  • A Caffeine-Free Pick-Me-Up
    Anna Williams
    Invigorating, spicy and citrusy, these spritzers would be fantastic additions to a brunch spread -- or even versatile enough to pair with sushi or fish dishes. Save any leftover grapefruit-ginger syrup to use as a sweetener on fruit salad. Get the recipe: Grapefruit Ginger Spritzers
  • "Pop" Anyone Can Make At Home
    Anna Williams
    Making a fruit-infused syrup is easier than it sounds -- in this drink recipe, you just heat up raspberries, a few sprigs of thyme, water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Then, mix a few spoonfuls with sparkling water for a grown-up soda that's far less sweet than store-bought sugar bombs. Get the recipe: Raspberry Thyme Spritzers
  • A "Creamsicle" In A Glass
    We're often stumped by what to do with cantaloupe or honeydew (aside from eating either with other fruit or prosciutto). Turns out tossing a few chilled chunks into a blender with a banana, a half-cup of vanilla yogurt and a dash of vanilla extract is a tasty use for these summer melons: it makes a smooth and creamy -- but not too heavy -- breakfast or dessert. Get the recipe: Vanilla-Melon Smoothies
  • The Lemonade You Eat With A Spoon (Or a Very Thick Straw)
    This frothy concoction is a cross between a strawberry lemonade and a milkshake, with lemon ice cream and plain yogurt adding a delicious tang. One batch serves four, making this a perfect dessert for a small, warm-weather lunch or dinner gathering. Get the recipe: Lemon-Strawberry ShakeNext: Summer tomatoes, 7 new ways

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