A fraternity at Willamette University in Salem, Ore., has lost its house as a result of controversial and sexist comments, made on a private Facebook page, that were leaked in May.

David Douglass, dean of campus life at Willamette, announced Thursday a series of sanctions imposed on the Sigma Chi fraternity, including booting everyone from the chapter house. The fraternity also cannot hold social events over the next year and is not allowed to recruit or initiate new members. All current members must participate in programming endorsed by Willamette and "related to healthy masculinity."

The controversy surfaced in May when a WordPress site called "willamettetruth" posted screenshots from a private Facebook group, showing Sigma Chi members mocking administrators, making sexist comments and discussing hazing. Sigma Chi brothers complained about members being "unsocial," requesting brothers "invite any girl who has a pulse" to their house parties, and stated "woman's [sic] rights are the biggest joke in the US. Bitches ain't shit." (The screenshots have since been removed from the website.)

The fraternity voted last week to expel 12 of its members as a result of the Facebook posts, the Statesman Journal reports.

The university, along with the fraternity's national organization, promptly began investigating Sigma Chi chapter following the leak. Douglass said the university's "review began with, but was not limited to, behavior described" in the Facebook posts.

"We completely support what the school has done," Sigma Chi national executive director Mike Dunn told the Statesman Journal.

Conduct reviews for individual students will begin in the fall, which could result in additional punishments.

Douglass said, "The issues raised last spring went well beyond the specific actions of one fraternity," and he will unveil recommendations in August from the President's Working Group on Sexual Assault and Harassment. The group was tasked with reviewing sexual assault prevention efforts and response policies and procedures.

The Sigma Chi Facebook controversy, and the sexist remarks made by frat brothers, sparked a debate on campus about the response to sexual violence at the school.

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  • 11. Zeta Psi Tau, Lafayette

    Readers' Take: "This house has unparalleled history and architecture." -- Ryan, Lafayette "The oldest house on campus, built in 1919, a national landmark in the state of Pennsylvania, the location of the Zeta Psi national meetings. Just generally fratty." -- Michael, Lafayette BroBible's Take: When your house not only has its own Wikipedia page, it also boasts <a href="http://youtu.be/qQhuchr1KRs">a more-than-creepy YouTube video of a woman touring it while New Age music plays in the background</a>—let's just say it deserves a high spot on this list.

  • 10. Delta Phi, Cornell

    Readers' Take: “Llenroc is home to the Pi Chapter of the Delta Phi at Cornell University. It was constructed in 1875 to be the "villa" of Ezra Cornell, Cornell's founder, and it has been in Delta Phi's possession since 1911. The house is filled with hand made wood and stone carvings. There is a massive backyard, and the house overlooks the city of Ithaca and Cayuga Lake. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places.” -- Peter, Cornell “Gigantic backyard, best physical house at Cornell University.” -- Daniel, Cornell BroBible's Take: First of all, daps on having a house that can pull off having its own name. Calling an apartment in NYC “Lenroc” just doesn’t have the same ring. Second of all, this house is nice as hell, with a massive backyard perfect for so many activities, and an exterior that wouldn’t look out of place in the English countryside.

  • 9. Alpha Tau Omega, Indiana

    Readers' Take: “A tutor house on a hill. Best frat on campus without a doubt. It's a huge house built in 1915. We have a painting in our living room est. worth over 3 million. All the furniture in the formal was donated by the Army and made from custom brazilian imported wood. John Mellencamp filmed a MTV commercial in our formal. We have had as many as 125 guys living in at one time. Great guys, great house.” -- Peter, Indiana BroBible's Take: None of what Peter sounded real, huh? Which is a compliment, because while we were unable to verify the John Mellencamp and painting facts, we did verify that the house has had over 100 inhabitants before. Widely known for its ridiculous parties, massive size and general fratiness, Indiana’s ATO abode is a scene everywhere at the school should visit once.

  • 8. Sigma Pi, Penn State

    Readers' Take: “As we have just come upon our 100th anniversary, we celebrate a house that is not only beautiful and well kept, but is built for good times. With recent renovations and a good alumni base, we’ve maintained a reputation as one of the most beautiful fraternity houses in the northeast. It features 34 bedrooms... a fenced in solarium area accessible from the second floor which is great for drinking during good weather, a private brothers bar, grand room and a chapter room featuring laser cut astrological signs into the floor tiles. Also we boast Penn State’s largest front porch which is great for tailgates and hanging out.” -- Brian, Penn State Our Take: Our one resident Penn Stater, Brandon, can vouch for the Sigma Pi house: It’s a beaut. Also, the astrological signs are an... interesting touch.

  • 7. Psi Upsilon, University of Pennsylvania

    BroBible's Take: Long called the most impressive house on Penn’s campus, the Castle was built in 1899 and, after a short break in the 90s, has remained the Psi Upsilon house ever since. Unanimous sentiment of everyone in the office upon seeing its picture: “Sweet.”

  • 6. Phi Gamma Delta, Texas

    Readers' Take: “$6 million dollars was raised to knock down the two houses behind the fraternity house and build a brand new house, then connect both houses after renovation, making the largest fraternity house sq-ft in the nation. Construction has already started.” -- Burwell, Texas “Bevo is present at most tailgates.” -- Burwell, Texas BroBible's Take: The former governor’s mansion of Texas, “Buen Retiro” was built in 1902 and could be called the quintessential Southern frat palace: A massive house (that’s getting even bigger), with a location right on the main drag near UT. Plus rooftop parties. And Bevo’s presence at tailgates! Who wouldn’t want to tailgate with Bevo?

  • 5. Phi Gamma Delta, Oklahoma (exterior)

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  • 5. Phi Gamma Delta, Oklahoma (interior)

  • 4. Alpha Delta Phi, Cornell

    Readers' Take: “The brothers of the Phi’ reside in a Jacobethan Revival structure designed by John Russell Pope (who designed the Jefferson Memorial, National Archives and Records Administration building, and the West Building of the National Gallery of Art). “We have a sixteen-sided structure across our driveway (named “Alpha Delta Phi Drive”). It bears neither windows nor doors. Who has entered this secret building? Only brothers.” -- Peter, Cornell “We also host ‘Victory Club’ which Playboy Magazine deemed “the classiest party in the Ivy League.” Once a year, we hold a black-tie casino night for charity that is one of the most prominent events on campus. This tradition came about from the days of Prohibition and our chapter stepped into the role of being a speakeasy.” -- Peter, again BroBible's Take: Another house that’s quite literally a castle (and we promise that we’re not biased toward Cornell in any way), the Alpha Delta Phis boast a residence that sits by itself on an Ithacan hill, giving the fraternity a chance to party in private.

  • 3. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Syracuse

    Readers' Take: One room was reconstructed after interior panels were hand carved and painted with gold leaf and shipped from Morocco to be reconstructed in the house. It was pretty dope to party in there for holiday formals. Classed the place up." -- Syracuse Alum "As a guest of the Wilkinson family, Theodore Roosevelt resided here for more than a month while engaged in a libel suit with an Albany publisher in the famous Barnes-Roosevelt case." -- Alex, Syracuse "Dick Clark (huge bro) bought our house." -- Evan, Syracuse BroBible's Take: Teddy Roosevelt came up with the slogan "Walk softly and carry a big stick," and, when he wasn’t president, was known to kill lions for fun. Dick Clark annually helmed the biggest party of the year. They’re two of the biggest bros of all time.

  • 2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Michigan

    Readers' Take: "Biggest house on campus, resides on the two main streets on campus, home of the Mud Bowl, and over 100 years old." -- Mason, Michigan "Simply, it's awesome.... Annual mud bowl, a mud football game played between us and another fraternity, every year.... Concerts at our senior house. It's simply the ultimate frat castle, no denial there." -- Tommy, Michigan BroBible Take: We’ve often heard tale of the SAE house at Michigan (mainly from tailgate crews of the past). It seems to be a true haven of miscreants, and bonus points for hosting one of the coolest college traditions in the country: The Mud Bowl, an annual competition between fraternity houses.

  • 1. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vanderbilt

    Reader's take: “There truly is no feeling like waking up in the biggest room on campus, looking out from your turret at the other houses and smelling Eric's continental breakfast coming from downstairs.” -- JR, Vanderbilt “It's an actual castle... enough said. It also survived $12,000 worth of Alumni damage so it's got staying power.” -- Anonymous, Vanderbilt BroBible's Take: There’s a strong case to be made—both from statistical and anecdotal evidence—that Vanderbilt is the frattiest school in the country. This is its Greek system’s crown jewel building: A castle (featured in a Brad Paisley music video!) reportedly known for being the only old frat house at the school that wasn’t torn down in the ‘70s.