08/01/2013 04:43 pm ET Updated Aug 01, 2013

Arnold From 'Hey Arnold!' Was The Original Hipster (PHOTOS)

We know, we know -- every day, someone else is declared "the original hipster" (even the "Sweet Valley High" sisters). But we're pretty sure that Arnold from "Hey Arnold!" was indeed one of the forebears of today's modern hipsters, what with his commitment to plaid shirts, skinny pants, retro headphones and generally laid-back style.

Need further proof (or simply a walk down '90s memory lane)? Here you go:

Check out that plaid shirt.

arnold hipster

"Over it."

hey arnold hipster

Could those pants be any skinnier?

hey arnold

That slicked-back hair probably came from retro pomade bought at a Twenties-style barber shop. Ironically.

hey arnold hipster

That hat is ten sizes too small on purpose, probably bought at a flea market or thrift shop.

hey arnold hipster

He used old-school headphones, because of course.

arnold hipster

Just check out Arnold's girl friends.

hey arnold girls

Seriously, is this not a corner in Williamsburg?

hey arnold stoop

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